Mission and Arts & Crafts Furniture

The Arts and Crafts movement started in Europe in the mid 1800’s as a
rebellion to the mass produced furniture of the industrial revolution and then
moved to the Americas. Mission furniture was created in the late 1800’s and
was America’s version of the Arts and Crafts style which came out of the old
Spanish Missions in California. Arts and Crafts and Mission furniture is plain
and simple, using strong lines. The craftsmen of the time wanted furniture
that was more simplistic and durable and showed the pride they took in their
handiwork. The mortise and tenon joinery is a part of the design elements in
addition to strength and functionality of the Arts and Crafts and Mission
furniture. Oak was the main wood used to make the furniture and was often
quarter-sawn to bring out the highlights of the grain. There have been many
variations of Arts and Crafts and Mission furniture, but the makers of quality
pieces hold true to the basic design elements and construction. Eventually the
furniture was produced on a large scale by several companies including
Gustav Stickley, Greene and Greene, L. & J.G. Stickley, Amish Direct Furniture, Stickley Brothers and Charles Limbert who were very influential in the Arts and Crafts and Mission movement in the United States. As in all custom furniture you can have elements in your furniture that are unique to your style.