Shaker Furniture

Shaker furniture was designed by the Shaker colonies founded in America in
the late 1700’s. It is known for its clean lines, simplicity and quality
craftsmanship. The designs were inspired by the Shaker’s sense of order and
neatness, which is reflected in the clean lines, functionality and lack of
ornamentation. They believed that to make something well that its
appearance should follow upon its function. Shaker furniture was primarily
made from maple, and less often from cherry, birch and walnut.

Shakers were the pioneers of form and function and have inspired many of
the custom furniture makers of today. Each piece of furniture was built solely
to serve its intended use and was built without decoration or ornamentation.
The simplicity of the furniture is the key to the style of Shaker furniture.
Many of the elements of the Shaker furniture are found to influence modern
contemporary furniture.

The armoire, bedside table and 5 drawer chest below are just a few examples
of the refinement of the Shaker style of furniture.