Furniture Styles

Fine furniture comes in many styles. Most of the furniture of today comes
from variations of the Shaker, Arts and Crafts, Mission and Queen Anne
styles. Contemporary furniture is the interpretation of the life around us and
using the materials of the day to bring those interpretations to life.


Shaker furniture is known for its clean lines, simplicity and quality
craftsmanship. The designs were inspired by the Shaker’s sense of order and
neatness, which is reflected in the clean lines and lack of ornamentation.
Shaker furniture was primarily made from maple, and less often from
cherry, birch and walnut. Shakers were the pioneers of form and


Arts and Crafts and Mission

The Arts and Crafts movement started in Europe as a rebellion to the mass
produced furniture of the industrial revolution. Mission furniture was
America’s version of the Arts and Crafts style which came out of the
old Spanish Missions in California. Arts and Crafts and Mission
furniture is plain and simple, using strong lines. The craftsmen of
the time wanted furniture that was more utilitarian and durable.
The mortise and tenon joinery is a part of the design elements in
addition to strength and functionality of the Arts and Crafts and Mission
furniture. Oak was the main wood and was often quarter-sawn to bring out
the highlights of the grain.


Queen Anne

Queen Anne furniture is elegant and sparingly decorated. It has smooth
graceful flowing lines with high lacquer finishes. The cabriole leg is
a distinctive part of the furniture and many times has a ball and
claw foot. The Queen Anne style is still very popular today.



Custom made furniture opens up endless possibilities to your choices of
furniture. From contemporary to traditional, the piece can be
designed with different elements to fit your style. The design
stage is where we create a unique piece or put a spin on the
many styles of yesteryear. Combining different types of woods
and the type of staining can also completely transform a piece of furniture.
Custom Furniture and Various Styles.