Why Us

10 Reasons to buy from Zooz Furniture Power by Amish Direct Furniture

When looking for the right place to buy furniture, consider the
following reasons to buy from me:

1. Guarantee: Each piece of furniture I make comes with a lifetime
guarantee against all defects in workmanship and materials for the
original purchaser. This does not apply to neglect, abuse, misuse or
normal wear and tear. You will not get this guarantee from your local
furniture retailer.
2. Wood Selection: I personally hand select each and every piece of
wood for the furniture I build. This is to make sure the grain and color
match as close as possible. Large pieces such as table
tops and sides of case pieces are glued up from lumber
as wide as possible. Mass produced furniture uses many
narrow strips, which are generally unmatched, to make
up these parts. Then they have to stain them dark.
3. Joinery: I use the tried and true techniques of
traditional furniture makers such as dovetail and mortise and tenon
joinery. These joinery techniques have been used for many centuries
because they work. My furniture is guaranteed for a lifetime because I
know it will last not only for a lifetime, but for future generations to come.
4. Solid Wood Construction: I use only solid wood in all of the
furniture I build. I do not use plywood, MDF or particle board. The
veneers on these products are prone to chipping and then it is down hill
from there. Solid wood furniture resists damages and can be repaired
very easily if scratches and dents do occur.
5. Quality: I make each and every piece of furniture,
with the occasional help from my son. By making
every piece of furniture myself I can control the quality.
This is why I can offer the guarantee I do.
6. Working with Me: I give my personal attention to
every customer who buys furniture from me. Since
each piece is custom made, there is much interaction
between my customers and myself.
7. Quick Delivery: Although each piece of furniture is custom made, I
have been able to keep my turn around times reasonable. My current lead
time is about 8 to 10 weeks on most orders.
8. Fair Prices: I continually strive to keep my prices fair and maintain
my high quality and craftsmanship which are standard in the furniture I
build. I sell directly to the customer, so you do not have to pay the
middleman’s markup.
9. Classic Style: The furniture I build is designed around the classic
designs that will never go out of style. Even
the contemporary pieces I build come from
classics in some way.
10. Shipping: I have been shipping furniture
by express carriers, blanket wrapped delivery
and common carrier for many years. Making sure your furniture looks the
same when you receive it that it did when it left my shop is another
important step in my furniture making, so I make sure it is packed
properly. This may seem like an extra step, but it will save the headache
and expense of shipping it back for repairs. I personally deliver furniture
within 250 miles of the greater Dallas / Fort Worth area.