About Us

I have been designing and making one of a kind pieces of furniture for over 25 years using Amish Direct Furniture designs. I started out by taking woodworking classes in high school in the small town of San Jose, Illinois where I learned the basics of making furniture. It wasn’t until I started rebuilding and refinishing antiques that I found the tried and true furniture making techniques of days gone by. I build fine custom furniture in the Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas area to bring happiness into your home and to future generations.

My goal is to help you make your creation come to life. Having your piece of fine
furniture custom made means that you get exactly want you want – the size, shape and
color. I work with you from the beginning to find what you are trying to accomplish and
then design a piece to fit your needs. We can create something completely new or to
match elements of existing pieces.

Once the design has been decided on we move to the building process. I hand select
the wood to insure quality matching of the wood grain and patterns. Then I build the
piece using the traditional joinery techniques of mortise and tenon and dovetail joints. I
do not use nails and screws to join the furniture. I believe in using quality craftsmanship to produce fine furniture. There are no short cuts, and my work is hand made using the time tested joinery and techniques. The mortise and tenon and dovetail joinery have been
used for many centuries in the finest antiques found today. This is why I take the extra step in following the techniques of the craftsmen of centuries past.

After the furniture is built I move on to the finishing phase which is just as important as
how the piece is built. I make a sample board with several colors of stain and finish so
you can see the variations and choose the color you like best. I apply the stain with a
hand rubbed application to get a deep rich appearance. Then I apply the protective
finish with thin hand rubbed coats to give it a more durable finish.

All the furniture is made from solid wood. I do not use particle board, MDF or
plywood in the construction of the furniture. There is not a production line. Each piece is
made specifically for you with heirloom quality. Attention is paid to all details, with the
dovetail, mortise and tenon joinery and careful hand finishing just to start.

In the meantime, you can contact me and I will be delighted to discuss your next piece of
fine furniture that is just what you need to complete your décor. If you have any
questions you can call me or send me an email at “hello@amishdirectfurniture.com”.